The Graduate Adventures

still learning. a new kind of living.

About Me

When thinking of what to include in this “about me” section, I stumble on thoughts. There is so much to say, yet so few words I can use. As you read my posts you will learn more and more about my personality, passions, and quirky characteristics. Until then, I will share the basics.

I grew up in a small town in South Dakota. I then moved to Chicago for my undergraduate pursuits. After moving to North Carolina for a job, I moved back to Illinois and am now again packing my bags to settle in Colorado. I loved the hype of the city, but I also have an increased appreciation for stillness, nature, and close-knit communities.

I have been a runner ever since I ran my first 5k the summer before 7th grade. The Chicago marathon was a feat I am proud to say I conquered in 2014. Even when I don’t race, I look forward to running each day and taking some time for my thoughts, my health, and myself.

I am a Christian. This doesn’t make or break anything for you. You can read all of my posts, and you may not even notice a difference. However, I hope that you do. I hope you can sometimes see Jesus through me because I see Him in so many other people as well.

I have a passion for children and psychology. As of late, I have decided that my career goal is to become a BCBA. Until then, I will be working as a Behavior Therapist and working toward an M.A. in ABA.

Oh, and I have written a children’s book, Maylee and the Crazy Crush! Feel free to check it out 🙂

I love to write, I love people, I love sharing my experiences, and I am excited to share them with you. I hope to enjoy this journey called life, and I am inviting you to tag along. On we go…


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