Have you ever had that feeling when you cognitively comprehend what it would be like to pass from existence, that perhaps you could have just died? Scary, I know. Morbid? A little.

But also miraculous.

You see, I have had a lot of those “whoa” moments lately, and I can’t help but be overwhelmed by what my prayer for God’s protection over me, my family, and friends really looks like.

Within the last two weeks, there have been three particular instances that stand out.

  1. On my wedding night, my husband and I were being driven to our hotel in a very suave convertible. In the excitement of the glow stick send off and the relief that I had gotten into the car without slamming my dress into the door, I sat next to my groom and smiled. Before we knew it we were driving down the curvy highway in the mountains, and I had yet to put my seat belt on. If you know me, you know I always wear it. A few miles in, we were talking with the driver about the hype of the wedding and how everything went. We pointed out two deer on the side of the highway, and had not realized there was also a deer right in front of our vehicle. The driver slammed on her brakes, and we missed the deer by a hot second. I immediately imagined the news article that would go viral: “Bride and Groom Crash on way to Hotel after Wedding.” To be in a convertible, not strapped in, we would have flown. I imagine myself hitting the concrete, vehicle atop of me, and realizing that my vow to love this man the rest of my life lasted such a short while.
  2. During our honeymoon in Telluride, my husband (an avid cyclist) planned to climb a ridiculous peak on his mountain bike. Roughly 11,000 ft above sea level and in the land of no cell signal, he looked forward to seeing the views and then descending the rocky mountain solo. Right after he left for his ride, our 8-month old puppy got sick in the hotel room. I texted my husband to let him know, and I then simply covered the acidic vomit (anyone who knows me also knows I have an extreme phobia of vomit). Before I knew it, my husband called asking me to open the hotel door. He had come back to take care of the situation, knowing how nervous and disgusted I must have been. I felt horrible that he missed the ride he so desperately wanted to go on. That is until he started to load his bike into the car and realized the front brake had broken off. Let’s just say if he had climbed the peak and attempted a descent without his front brake, he may not have made it down without mountain rescue, if at all.
  3. On the drive home from our honeymoon, I was napping in the car, and awoke to us on the side of the road. I asked what was going on, and my husband stated that something was off with the alignment of the vehicle. He was checking it out. Because I had just woken up, I was a little delusional and let’s be honest–crabby. Hence, I told him it was fine and to keep going. About two miles down the road, he saw a gas station and we decided to pull in so that he could again check it out. I was aware that something felt off, but I was also in denial. We already had to jump this vehicle twice, and it is the loaner vehicle we are using due to our other SUV having a blown engine. I was not about to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. After coming out from the bathroom, my husband called me over. He touched the back right wheel and it shifted so much that it almost fell off completely. He jacked the vehicle, attempted to loosen the bolts, and then realized we were stuck. Nothing was working. He went into the gas station to see if there was a mechanic close by, and the woman’s husband was actually there. He owns his own shop and works on vehicles all the time. Him and his friend came out to analyze the situation. What I thought was a joke initially really wasn’t: “You guys are lucky. If you went one more mile, we would have been reading about you in the paper. There are luckily five helicopters stationed close by, but that’s only if you survived the initial crash,” he said.

And again, my heart sunk, my comprehension of God grew, and I had that “whoa” moment.

I wouldn’t be so surprised if we lived on the edge and entered each new day accepting the risk of losing our lives. However, I live a safe and mild adventure. Simply riding a bike and driving in a car could have resulted in a loss of either my husband, me or the both of us.

I immediately think of all of those days I commute to work and pray out loud. I used to wonder if asking for God’s protection over me, my husband, my family, and my friends every day was redundant. I wondered if I should stop asking.

And now I realize God answers my prayer each time. I also need to thank Him for protecting us each and every day–when we realize it or not.

I am not sure what you believe, but I know what I do.

The newlyweds have a guardian angel shining down, and I am so overwhelmed and thankful for my God.