Apparently some rain on your wedding day is good luck. However, rain on your wedding day is also stressful when the event is outdoors.

My ceremony and dinner were outdoors, and the back up plan was not ideal. Because we rented a home on VRBO and had a backyard wedding, the plan B was to get married in the living room, to cram tables into bedrooms of the house, and to ultimately stay dry.

Hence, I was not very keen on the backup plan, and I had no intention of even discussing it. I read an article on what brides should not do the week of their wedding, and one specific point was to check the weather. I decided I would follow the recommendation and avoided my weather app at all costs.

Which was great–until the coordinator went over the plan with me the day before and my bridesmaid leaked that there was an 80% chance of thunderstorms during my whole wedding. Hearing this news lead to a leakage of tears, and I found myself crying with my fiance and friend. (This may have been my bridezilla moment.) They emphasized the importance of the day, how rain wouldn’t ruin a thing, and how it could be unique to have an intimate, tight ceremony in a room with everyone standing close to each other.

We prayed for my focus to be on the meaning of the wedding, not the future weather. And we continued to prep for the big day.

As the wedding got closer, the weather forecast changed. From 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m, from a 6 hour storm to a 1 hour storm, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and eventually to 10:00 p.m.

I cannot tell you the excitement that rushed through my veins each time a new announcement was made. However, I was also focused enough to not get my hopes up. Weather changes quickly, and I continued to pray that I could keep my heart aligned with the true intention of the day–not the weather.

In the end, we got 30 seconds of rain (enough for the good luck), and the rest of the day was gorgeous. I got to walk through the meadow to my groom, we got to eat dinner on the deck, and everyone stayed dry.

I admit I am thankful the weather held up, yet I also learned that whether I got married in the yard or in a living room, I would have been able to read my vows to my best friend.

And that is all that matters.