As a freshman in high school, I watched 27 Dresses and recalled a few key points to memory:

  1. Never make your bridesmaids wear an ugly dress.
  2. Weddings can be a blast.
  3. Although every guest stands up and turns to look at the bride, the groom’s face sometimes says it all.

And after seeing that movie, my 14-year-old self couldn’t help but wonder what my future husband’s face would look like when he first saw me in my dress.

A new trend is to have a “first look” before the wedding so that there is additional time for photos, and because I am obsessed with having photos to remember big moments, I was leaning toward having a first look at my wedding. However, my husband was certain that he wanted us to first see each other when I walked down the aisle. We followed his wishes, and I have no regrets.

You see, because we waited until the ceremony to see each other, I was able to answer my teenage question.

My groom stood smiling, crying, and full of joy. The image I will forever hold in my mind is worth much more than the additional photo op we could have had with the first look.

To be honest, I never imagined that the man I would marry would cry at the altar when he first saw me; nor would I expect him to write a poem for his vows (hardly making it through them). And I wonder if it is because I never thought I would find a man who would love me so much.

But I did.

Marriage is such a blessing. Although I have only been a wife for a little over a week, and the label still makes me feel a little old, I am in awe of this gift God has given us.

Wedding stress is a real thing. I turned into bridezilla for a day, and there were so many little details I want to share.

And I will.

However, I figured I would start off my wedding posts with one that says it all: love. My groom’s face, the friendship we have, and the family and friends that celebrated with us–they all encompass love.

Perfect love.

And I am so happy to announce that I am officially married.