On Saturday, June 17, I will walk down an aisle (of grass), read my vows to the man I love, and I will promise the rest of my days to him. I will be surrounded by family and friends from all phases of life–from many states in the country–and I will dance like no one is watching.

On Saturday, June 17, I will enjoy one of the most monumental days of my life.

Part of this doesn’t feel real. Me? Getting MARRIED? How was I so lucky to find my best friend so early in life? How am I so blessed to have a man I know will stand by my side through everything life throws us?

I may not know the answers, but I do feel pretty close to on top of the world.

And with that, I know that marriage is going to change my life. In so many ways.

For one, I will be living with the person I have dated for the last 3 years. Although we have gone on long vacations together, this will be the first time we are in each other’s presence continuously. Yes, I loved the trips where we spent day and night together. They made me crave even more time with my best friend. However, I am also accepting of the truth that this new living situation will be a transition for us. We will need to decide our roles of the home, set our new routines, and unpack and reorganize for days.

Although moving in together may have some challenges, it will also be an exciting point in our relationship. It will mean we won’t have to drive home after long nights of hanging out. It will mean that when we have a hard day, we don’t need to explain it to the other; instead we will be able to go through it together–side by side. It will mean that he will be the last person I see each day and the first I see each morning. We will have the opportunity to be the biggest support in the other’s life, and this makes my heart smile.

Marriage will also change our lives by bringing two families together. I already feel the two of us have become part of each other’s families, yet now it will all be “official.” We will have in-laws, and we get to inherit extra love from those we know so well. We will also inherit some drama that we both know so well. And with that, we will go through it together.

I must admit that I have not seen many successful marriages throughout my life, so I question how exactly this will all go. I know that marriages take work, that they experience deep change, and that they are also one of the greatest blessings from God. I expect hardships and questioning, yet I also await joys and confidences.

After this week, my life will be changed.

For good, for bad, for everything in between. I will have my person to share it all with, and I couldn’t be more excited for the wild ride.