If you have been around Christianity for a little while, chances you have heard about our incorrect tendencies to chase after God when life gets tough and slowly fade from His presence when everything is swell. Perhaps you have even experienced it.

I know I have.

However, I also agree that a similar cycle occurs when life gets busy. When schedules fill up and time is limited, it is usually the things of this world that fill up the calendar. And once that calendar is full, there is not quite as much room for prayer, reading the Bible, attending bible studies, etc. Despite this reality, there is a lot of irony.

It is during the busy phases of life where we need to put God on our calendar first and then fill the rest of the space afterward. Our dependency on a relationship with God should not change based on our schedules; We should change our schedules based on our relationship with God.

With graduate school in progress, my wedding in two weeks, and job transitions, my time has been bogged down with meetings and tasks on a never-ending to-do list.

And I am not happy to admit that I have had to miss my small group due to conflicting times with a graduate school requirement, I have not read my Bible consistently, and even my prayer life has been set aside to “when I have the time.”

And I know now that I have got it all wrong.

I have unintentionally set all of the earthly things ahead of God by putting them as my priority. School work, wedding planning, job searches…they have all snuck in and stolen my heart and my time.

So I now know it is time to change that. I don’t want to worship the events and activities and obligations in my life; I want to worship the One who gave me the brains and passion for graduate school, the One who introduced me to the man I will marry, the One who provides me with job after job when I need it.

Are you filling your calendar and adding God in second, or have you been placing Him first?

You know my answer. And I know it’s time we all flip it around.