Last week I took a few days off work and enjoyed a stay-cation while my sister was in town. We spent one day running errands for my upcoming wedding, went on a mini hike to enjoy aspects of Colorado, and relaxed in each other’s company.

It hit me just before her arrival that this would be one of the first times I would get to hang out with my sister one on one since we each lived in Chicago years ago. Since then, we have been in each other’s presence during holiday visits, etc, but there hasn’t been a time we could really spend having those sister conversations and  catching up on life.

It was these three days that reminded me of the importance of sibling relationships and how lucky I am to have a brother and sister who love me and know me so well.

Hence, this week, I decided that my post could stand as a sibling tribute. Of course, it applies to my siblings specifically, but I am also confident that anyone else with a sibling can relate đŸ™‚

Siblings are special because:

  1. They answer your phone calls at all times, even if it means responding with a whisper, “I am in class; call you after.” When you are on a drive home and stuck in traffic and need to get your mind off things, or when you are having a midlife crisis, or when you are just needing some love, they will answer and know exactly what to say.
  2. There is a secret code between you because they grew up in the same home with the same parents as you; they know the ups and downs that are sometimes hard to explain to others, and you can simply look at each other and know exactly what that look means.
  3. You can share clothes with them (this one applies to my sister). We have switched clothes back and forth for years, and each time we visit each other, we wear articles of clothing from the other’s closet because… why not?
  4. They are funny and weird and different than you, yet they are also so similar. You get each other’s craziness even when others don’t. (My brother is one of the coolest kids I know; in fact, I am sometimes jealous of his ability to be so unique and to not care what other people think).
  5. They are honest. Siblings don’t sugar coat. They know the truth, and they lay it on you.
  6. You are guaranteed a best friend or two or three in life. Even after college when you all live far apart, there is a bond that keeps the sibling relationship strong.

I don’t know what I would do without my siblings. I am so thankful for them, and I sure hope for more visits soon đŸ˜‰