I admit that as Ash has grown, his personality has emerged much more than expected.

To start, I swear he rolls his eyes at Adam and I sometimes. He also plays games…if he wants us to give him attention, he will sit on the other couch and look at us through his peripherals. Eventually, he will sigh and move to our couch so that he gets more love.

He has also become a lover of cuddles. When he was younger, Ash would refuse to cuddle with us. He always had something better to do (bite the couch, chase a tennis ball, run into the walls…). However, now whenever either of us sits down, he comes lays right on us and licks our faces, necks, toes, and calves. Kisses are his new thing.

He even sat on my head this weekend as I was relaxing on the couch. It’s safe to say he enjoys human touch!

Ash has also become a social butterfly and absolutely loves playing with his friends at the park. We see his smile and then feel joy knowing our little pup is so happy.

But what is he thinking?

I captured some photos and wanted to share some of his thoughts for you.


“Pleeeease give me food.”

“Anyone smell that?”

“If only these humans would sit on the couch with me…What could they be doing that is more important than petting my soft fur?”

“What is this white stuff? It’s cold and soft…and ahhhhh.”

“This nose tastes so good. Bet you can’t do this.”

“Let me just look majestic and stare at the stream. I reeeaaally want to go in that water.”

“Can I sit in the front seat with Mommy?”

“I love, love, love hiking.”

“Cuddles. More cuddles please.”

“Stop taking pictures of me!”

“Okay, fine. You can take one, I guess.”