With it being National Puppy Day last Thursday, I figured that I could update my readers on the one and only Ash Attack.

Although I haven’t written many posts about our playful pup recently, he has most definitely experienced adventures.

  1. We are now 5/6 classes into our obedience classes. Ash can sit, stand, lay down, stay, and come. However, he is still learning heel. I think he just gets too excited to want to walk next to us. Instead, he wants to race onward to the next big moment.
  2. Ash has also experienced his first crush with the other puppy in our dog classes. Every Thursday, he is full of energy, and when we arrive to class, he sprints through the doors ready for puppy playtime.
  3. He has successfully visited a couple breweries, enjoyed over six hikes, and survived two that were over 5.5 miles. Ash gains more and more outdoor experience as the days move forward, and we are learning how easy it is to have a dog fall in love with Colorado. (The best part about taking him on hikes is that he is wiped out the two days following.)
  4. Ash has so-called witching hours, where at roughly 9:00 p.m., he gets a burst of energy. He runs as fast as he can into the walls, under the tables, in circles, and creates a mini-obstacle course for himself. He then picks up his squeaky toy and squeaks at roughly 60 squeaks per minute. This lasts anywhere from 1-10 minutes.
  5. Our little teething monster is still biting, yet he has gotten much better since my last post regarding this phase. We typically give one to two reprimands, and he will stop for a set period of time. Yay, Ash.
  6. He also stayed with an “Aunt” and “Uncle” when we were away for our couples shower. We had no negative feedback, and he survived the weekend with new friends. He even dug some holes in their backyard…we heard he is great at “weeding.”
  7. Lastly, Ash now weighs roughly 30 pounds…19 more than when we brought him home. They sure do grow up fast!

So that is the down-low on fun and somewhat ferocious Ash. We absolutely love him to pieces and are excited to share more adventures with you soon!