This past weekend, my fiancé and I flew to Chicago for a couples shower that his parents hosted. 

And it was so wonderful. 

You see, there is something about seeing so many of the people who have been a big part of our lives all in the same place. Some guests had known us as a couple, others had been close with one of us and were happy to meet the other. 

There were co-workers, high school friends, college friends, immediate family and distant family. Even the young girl I nannied my freshman year of college attended, several feet taller and eight teeth less! 

Although the evening flew by, and it felt as though we were only able to speak with each person for a few minutes, it was the perfect night to remind us of how we became the people we are today. 

It wasn’t a traditional bridal shower with only women and an opening of presents, yet I enjoyed it so much. I was able to fully embrace the family I will be a part of in a few months. I was surrounded by so many people who share their love with open arms, and I was astounded by the turn out. 

Cake. Cannolis. Wine. My future husband. 

What a night. 

A night to remember. A night to be thankful for. 

If my advice had any power, I would recommend a couple’s shower to anyone. It is an opportunity to bring both sides together before the wedding–an opportunity to share one of the most special nights before the wedding with your significant other. 

Part of the fun of being engaged is experiencing all of the moments before the big day with the one that you love. 

And on Saturday, I was surrounded by so many that I love. 

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.