As I sat down to write this blog, my mind went blank. Most weeks I have a topic or specific event to share and ruminate about, yet this week, my mind was completely consumed by school and work.

And it still is.

The further I dive into my coursework, the harder it is to come to the surface. I absolutely love what I do and what I am pursuing, yet I also realize that time slips away with the blink of an eye. As each day passes, my hope is that I can simply get enough done so that I am not drowning tomorrow.

And to be honest, some days it does feel like I am drowning. Graduate school is not easy. In fact, I went to a doctor appointment on Saturday, and when I mentioned classes, she laughed and said, “gradual school.” Apparently her and her classmates coined this nickname since grad school seemed to be never ending. I giggled because I completely understood.

This week in particular prompted me to think about my time and how I have been spending it. There isn’t much I can do to cut back on hours at work or spent on coursework, yet I can start to fully value the time I am able to enjoy doing something else.

This semester has forced me to limit time with friends, time with my fiance, and time doing certain things I love. Although I could look at the glass half empty and sink into a reality of my life being consumed by two major things, I prefer to look at it half full. Even if my time spent away from school and work has decreased, I still get to enjoy a few workouts a week, a small group through my church that provides community and love, a night at obedience class with wonderful Ash, and some time on the weekend with the man that I love.

If you are in grad school, you know the feeling–the having so much to do that you don’t know where to start or if you even want to start feeling. However, life doesn’t stop when classes continue. It is important to value all of the other things in your life as well.

Yes, my Masters in ABA is important to me, but this is one time in my life when I can say that my heart is not only in the place where I spend the most time.