A couple weekends ago, my fiance and I started our premarital class through our church. Learning about relationships (and how God intended them to be) alongside 59 other couples has been eye opening to say the least.

I am learning what it is like to love–to really love. And I am also learning to appreciate the man I have “found.”

Yet I realize I didn’t find him. God brought us together in His fascinating, perfect way.

It has been over the last couple days that I have been reminded of God’s path for my life, and how thus far, He has proven Himself over again and again.

As we went on a hike with a couple we recently met and then with a group of friends who Adam has known for several years, I reflected on how God places people in our lives for particular reasons. And I felt blessed. Whether it was meeting new friends and connecting about relationship books we had read, or hanging out with those we already know and laughing about memories of the past, it felt just right.

I thought about my time in Asheville and the friends I met there. How gracious was God to introduce me to people who had my back when my back was being bent backwards? I was a child–freshly out of college, afraid of my job, and confused about my future. However, I learned so much about who I was.

That experience sent me back to Chicagoland where I was again able to see my current fiance frequently. We worked through a lot of changes, and we learned that we wanted to be there for each other through the rest of life’s changes.

And now I am here.

I am in Colorado, surrounded by faces I met in Chicago and faces I had never seen before. I am learning more about God, and I am being reminded of His perfect plans.

Life is full of twists and turns, but isn’t it great that we have a God and faith that direct them all?