When I first told people I was moving to Colorado, I received some concerned responses. Frequently losing circulation in my feet whenever the cold hits is a good indicator that I am best suited for warm climates.

And Colorado? Well, that’s where people travel to ski. And what about the avalanches and high elevation? It is bound to resemble Antarctica, right?

In total honesty, I fell for the false assumptions as well. You remember my post from the first snow; I wasn’t too enthusiastic.

When people asked how I would handle the cold in Colorado, I told them that I would be fine and that the summers in the mountains and days with my fiance would make it all worth it.

Yet I was wrong.

I don’t need those subtle reminders to enjoy Colorado winters. You see, the last four months have given me the best winter of my life.

Last week, the temperatures did not drop below 50 during the day. We reached a high of 77, and I only wore my parka once. My friends from Chicago know this is a rarity. After all, in college, I wore my parka every day from September to May.

To my surprise, Colorado winters provide it all. There are nice days near Denver, and if you want to experience snow and blizzard conditions, you just need to drive an hour into the mountains.

The 20-degree days are much more manageable because I know that within a few days, we will hit 60 again.

So how am I handling Colorado winters?

Pretty dang well.

I sure am proud to say I was wrong about all of those initial assumptions.