If you told me your dog ate your homework, I would believe you. One hundred percent.

If I told you Ash bit my textbooks, my notebooks, the couch, my toes (and every other body part up to my hair), the paper towels, plastic bags, water bottles, shoes, coasters, blinds, pillows, and everything else within his jumping reach, would you believe me?

I hope so. Because it is no fib.

When I said we may be like “Marley and Me,” I meant just the stories, but now I realize we have a Marley.

After having Ash as part of the family for more than a week, I am learning that raising a puppy is a lot more like raising an infant than I realized.

  1. I had to wake up several times throughout the night to take him out.
  2. When I was gone at work, we had to find him walking & feeding services.
  3. He is always getting into something he shouldn’t be.
  4. He requires non-stop, full-on attention.
  5. He barks and cries…a lot.
  6. And lastly, he is pretty darn cute.

I admit that this week was a hard one. It made me question my ability to raise a dog. It made me wonder what I was doing wrong as an owner to have him bite EVERYTHING in sight–including all friendly humans.



But really? It can’t only be that.  So I researched ways to get him to stop biting, and made attempts at described procedures…no success.

He is a biting machine, and it honestly drives me crazy.

I love Ash. I do.

But I don’t love his crazy behaviors lately.

Any tips and tricks would be appreciated!

The good news? Ash is completely potty trained, and we haven’t had any accidents in a long time. He will either walk to the door or let us know when he needs to go out. If you needs tips on potty-training, I have them!

We also went for a long walk at Green Mountain again, and Ash did so well. He is a really great trail dog, and I am sure that the adventures will pour over us as the days pass by.

Lastly, he had a few visitors this week. 🙂 I think he loves new friends, even though he tries to show it through nipping at hands and feet!

Here’s to one and a half weeks of being a dog owner, three baths, muddy paws, lots of treats, and hardly any cuddles. (We are still working on that last part.)