Today is a special day, a holiday. And although I admit that I looked like a young child with a joyful smile on my face when I found out that the center was closed in observance of the day, I also realized that as an adult, the day is a bit different.

If you are an adult reading this and wondering what today could possibly be, it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

You see, I believe that as adults we have a different perspective on today–that is, if we remember its existence.

As children we learned about MLKJ in class. We focused on civil rights and his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. It wasn’t possible to forget about the holiday. Yet as adults, we follow our routines, most often don’t have the day off work, and the day slips by like any other.

Which makes me a little sad.

As children we love the holiday because we have the day off school and we learn about how someone can make a great difference during a lifetime, but as adults, we actually have the resources and opportunities to dream big dreams and make those dreams come true.

We have resources, or the ability to ask for them. We can conduct plans and orchestrate methods to attain our goals. We can change the world. For real.

Unfortunately though, the majority of us fail to dream big dreams. And if we do, we lack the confidence to achieve them. We get absorbed by the here and now, the American dream, our own lives–and we forget that our lives can change others’.

Today is the perfect day to reflect on dreams that can change the world or to even perform small acts that can change one’s day. Maybe ending up in a textbook will not be your future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a life that influences people apart from yourself.

Start today.

And I will too.