Over the last two and a half weeks I was blessed with a break from graduate school. I remember how excited I was as finals approached, not because of the exams, but rather what they indicated.


I imagined myself with extra time in the mornings before work–not having to read from my textbooks in every free moment. I wondered what I would do with so much free time.

Yet, now my break is over, and I realize there were only a couple days when I felt like I could actually sit and “rest.”

What I have learned is that when free time comes our way, we often find ways to fill that free time before we even realize it’s gone.

My break from school turned into additional sessions with clients, independent fieldwork hours, chiropractic appointments, wedding planning, and traveling. (And yes, traveling was a blast, but I am not so sure it was complete rest.)

In fact, I have gotten so skilled at filling my time that I now wonder how I will ever have enough now that classes are back in session. 25-30 hours of direct work plus independent fieldwork plus graduate level classes, premarital classes, and the continuation of appointments makes my head spin.

And I wonder how I missed out on my opportunity for rest.

However, I am also learning that “rest” can look different ways.

Rest can be getting in my workout before work so that I feel more energized. It can be taking time to read my bible. It can be seeing friends and spending time with people who mean so much to me. It can be checking off another item on my to-do list so that my heart beats a little slower.

Rest doesn’t need to look like sitting on the couch and watching t.v. or taking a nap.

And although I am unsure of when free time will come my way this semester, I am also making sure I force rest upon myself.

Time flies. We fill our time. And soon enough there is no time.

Enjoy the moments. Take care of your heart. And love the activities that bring you peace.