Each year I write a post on my life highlights from the past 365 days, and each year I am astonished by how many significant events occur. If I ever feel like I am living a stagnant life in my twenties, I will just have to look back on my blog posts to see just how much life can change. 2016 is most definitely a year for the books. It will be the year I mention in twenty years when I talk about my past.

This year was a game changer. And here is why:

1. I got engaged. When in Costa Rica, my then boyfriend proposed to me as we photographed the sunset. I had a hunch that he would one day be my husband much earlier than that date, yet being able to say “yes” to that special question was a monumental moment. Now we are less than 6 months away from getting married, and I suppose 2017 will be a big year too 🙂


2. I discovered my career path. Working at an academy for children who have autism earlier this year opened my heart to a population that can teach me more than I ever thought possible. I was able to work closely with different professionals in the field, and after working closely with the BCBA, I realized I had found my dream job. And I am not just saying that. I didn’t think it was possible to pursue a career that doesn’t feel like work, but now I know it is. Work doesn’t feel like work. It feels like life, like fun, like love.

3. I started graduate school. Although I know what career I want to have, it is taking some work to get there. I started graduate school and independent fieldwork hours in order to obtain eligibility to sit for the boards exam. I admit my first paper was a challenge….it seemed so long since I had last been in classes, yet I adjusted well and loved learning about Applied Behavior Analysis! One and a half more years, and I will be a lady with a Masters Degree.

4. I stood up in my sister’s wedding. I gave my first wedding toast. I held her bouquet. I laughed, and I cried. This was not only the first wedding I was actually in, but it was a wedding more special than most I have attended. I welcomed her husband as my brother-in-law, and I got to be a part of my sister’s happiest day of her life.

5. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In all honesty, this was a big part of my year. The process of finding a diagnosis for my health problems lasted from November 2015 through September 2016, and it entailed a lot of procedures and appointments. However, I finally found an answer, I have learned to accept each day as it is, and I am extremely thankful for the days I forget the condition even exists.

6.  I moved to Colorado. Another big event, right? YES. I never imagined myself living in Colorado–not until I started seriously dating my fiance. He had always talked about the state with a spark in his eye, and although I didn’t understand the spark, I wanted him to be happy. Little did I know Colorado would bring me that extra joy too. We have found an incredible church, the mountains take my breath away each day, and I get to share an apartment with my college roommate and best friend. Each day I am reminded of God’s love for us by seeing and embracing the beauty he provided. I am content here. I am happy here.

So yes. It has been a big year. I went from being “single” to “engaged.” I am no longer a suburban/city girl, but a mountain/hiking girl. I again get to tell people I have homework to do and tests to take. And my family got bigger by one person.

2016 was perfect. It wasn’t all happy, but it was overall. Life brings us ups and downs, and it is through reflecting on the good things that we are able to see how God is moving in our lives.

Here’s to a New Year. Another chance to make it big.