It’s strange.

It’s strange to think back to all of the Christmases I have had and how they have changed over the years.

For me, it started as the day I got to open toys galore and enjoy a morning in my pajamas with my whole family. It also literally started at 5:00 a.m. (the earliest my parents would allow us to peep out of bed).

As the years progressed, I continued to have a sleepover in my bed with my siblings the night before, the presents still arrived, and family was a focus. However, the places where we celebrated and the people we celebrated with had changed.

We went from New York to South Dakota, and sometimes even Chicago.

As years passed, so did family members. I lost three of my grandparents and my uncle. And all of sudden, Christmas day was spent with five people total–my immediate family. I still loved it; it was just different.

And now even more changes have occurred, and Christmas looks nothing like it did before.

This year, I am spending Christmas in Colorado with my fiance, far from the ones I have always celebrated with.

And it feels a little weird.

However, I have been thinking. And as much as it seems Christmas has changed; it hasn’t changed at all.

Today is the day I get to celebrate Jesus’s birth. It marks a step toward my relationship with God. If Jesus was not born, he couldn’t have died. And if he did not die, we would still be living an Old Testament life–sacrificing for a chance at a relationship with God.

How special this day is. I can open my eyes and pray to God, I can thank Him for all of the different Christmas celebrations in the past, and I can be thankful and understanding of the changes because I know He is in control.

It doesn’t matter what presents I receive this year because God already gave us the gift that trumps all others. God gave us His Son, to live and to die for us.

And whether I eat turkey or soup or cereal, whether I sit with family members or call them from many miles away, I can rest in the fact that today is a very merry day.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.