This Friday the snow arrived, and it didn’t plan on coming for a short while. Instead, roughly 10 inches pounded onto the streets, and both cars and people were left trapped. My car specifically, was nearly invisible under the snow. Each time the snow plow drove past, the layers from the road piled along the side of my car. To say we got snow would be an understatement.

From my previous posts, you may assume that I am not a big fan of winter or the cold. However, this weekend I decided to embrace the weather and season.

There was something about being “trapped” in a winter wonderland that felt freeing.

My fiance, best friend, and I planned an indoor day with Christmas festivities–movies, gingerbread houses, and warm comfy clothes. However, we also decided to embrace the snow.

So we grabbed the tubes we used to ride down Clear Creek this summer and drove to a hill about a mile away.

And I admit that I jumped in the air and screamed out in excitement.

Tubing was a blast. I felt like a little kid again, hanging out in the snow. My gear made me feel invincible to the cold, and I relaxed in the white powder after each trek up the hill.

My face started to hurt, and I would almost say it was more-so because I kept smiling rather than because of the 5 degree temperatures.

Next, we warmed up with Chai Tea and made gingerbread houses. My fiance won “best structure,” my friend won “best detail,” and I won “most efficient.” Actually, there wasn’t a competition, but if there were, that’s how I would award the prizes.

The day ended with a cheesy Christmas film.

And it felt perfect.

Receiving piles of snow wasn’t in the plan for this weekend, yet deciding to embrace the weather and season was so simple and fun.

Next time it snows, I encourage you to enjoy the day. Grab a tube. Gather candy. And relax in pure happiness.