When reflecting on the past week, I am astonished at the mini roller coaster ride I experienced.

I started off on a high: having my first supervision meeting for work and thus marking the beginning of the accrual of my 1500 independent fieldwork hours required to sit for the BCBA exam. Starting this process has been a lot of work, but it has also been exciting. It means I am moving one step closer to my future career, and I am beyond blessed to work with such an incredible supervisor.

Next, the roller coaster went up. I experienced a major breakthrough with a new client, and this filled my heart with joy.

Yet, the drive home in the Colorado snow rocked my ride to the bottom. Some lanes were far from visible, my ABS brakes kicked in every stop light (even as I drove 5 m.p.h.), and I literally wanted to cry as the fear of getting in a car accident overwhelmed me. My Toyota Corolla was not fit for the winter; this I learned.

Despite the very scary drive home, I made it safely to my fiance’s house, and he was kind enough (and probably worried enough) to teach me to use the 3, 2, and low gears on my car. This, my friends, made a world of difference. Driving home the next day felt much better, and a low turned into a high.

That night (around 2 a.m.) my high again dipped as I found myself with either a stomach bug or food poisoning–the world may never know. Trying to sleep on the tile next to the toilet (TMI?) was not pleasant, and after hours and hours of running from my bed to the bathroom and wishing my mom were around to take care of me, I was able to get some rest…had to miss a coffee date with a friend and missed a day of work…so another low.

Yet, my roommate rubbed my back, brought me cold towels for my forehead, and brought saltines to my room if needed. So a low…with a high: my roommate is so awesome.

Feeling slightly better on Friday while attempting readings upon readings for grad school and work left me on a neutral path.

A final exam on Saturday morning? I will let you decide if it was a high or low…

and my weekend wrapped up on a positive note with a Sunday morning run on freshly fallen snow, beautiful weather accompanied by bright sunshine, and a day with my fiance after he had been in Illinois for a few days.

You see, this week was literally a roller coaster ride. Yet in the lows, I found the highs. And when on the highs, I embraced the flow. Life is full of peaks and valleys, and it just so happens I experienced a multitude of them all within a matter of days.

When we live our lives finding the happy moments and positives no matter what condition our situation or health is in, we find a joy that no one can steal from us. And that is pretty special.