I believe that there are two types of people in the world (in regards to winter). Those that love it and are disappointed when the first snow doesn’t arrive until now, and those that wish the first snow wouldn’t arrive until Christmas day–or a couple days before.

You see, I would define myself as part of the second group. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I hate the winter, but it most definitely takes me a while to accept the temperature change,  having to start my car early, scraping windows and bundling up. As someone who is always cold no matter the season, winter leaves me shivering day in and day out. And I admit that I wish the 78 degree days could have stuck around a little longer.

However, I also realize that I don’t want to be the negative Nancy when hanging around with friends who adore the snow, can’t wait to hit the slopes, and look forward to this season each year.

Hence, I have decided to encourage myself…and the rest of the people with my winter perspective.

As mentioned, there are some things that make the cold weather a little less likeable; yet there are also things, wonderful things, that we typically only enjoy during this season.

  1. Hot Chocolate. Yum. I am looking forward to sipping my first cup of hot chocolate. I also add in marshmallows and cinnamon, and all tends to seem right with the world. The warm bliss slides down my throat, the chocolate aroma fills my heart, and the feeling of gripping a hot mug brings a smile to my face.
  2. Days in–without the guilt. Let’s be honest. Movie marathons leave less shame when there are freezing temperatures outside than when it’s sunny and 75. Cuddling under the covers, skipping the busy life, and relaxing for a day on the weekend is 100% acceptable.
  3. Holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays, and they just so happen to line up with cold temperatures. There is nothing like spending time with family and redirecting thoughts to gratefulness and what is most important. Holidays bring people together….and now that it’s cold outside? It is also appropriate to decorate for the holidays as well! If you’ve been anxiously waiting, now is the time.
  4. Leggings and long sweaters. All females understand the appreciation for leggings. When I can wear them to work with a bulky sweater, and it still looks nice, I also get to enjoy a season of comfort. Leggings at home. Leggings at work. Leggings with friends. Leggings are the best.
  5. Snow. Okay, this one is tricky. It’s cold…and it gets your feet wet…and it covers your car. BUT, it is also beautiful. And the fact that every single snowflake is a little different reminds me how miraculous this world is. If it’s going to be cold, then we might as well have snow. It’s white. It’s pure. It brings us back to our childhoods when we played in the snow all day, made snowmen, and got to stay home from school.
Yes. I am the one on the left that looks freezing…but I remember this day like the back of my hand, and it brings me joy to relive the moments.

The truth is the winter weather has finally arrived, and as much as I enjoy summer and fall…I also enjoy parts of winter. Hopefully I encouraged you to get a little more excited for this season.

If you have any other things that you love about winter, comment below. I would love some encouragement too 🙂

In the meantime, I will be thinking of when to plan a movie marathon with hot chocolate in hand.