Over the last couple weeks I have had an increased appreciation for living in Colorado. Ever since we have moved here, I have been blown away by the ways that God has guided my path and lead me to such incredible opportunities and people.

The job that felt “just right” as I sent my application in April has turned out to be an absolute blessing. I love the company, the people I work with, and my clients.

I am now living with my best friend, and if we had not moved to Colorado, I would have potentially seen her once every couple years.

My fiance continues to work for the same company he did in Chicago, yet he has the ability to live in his favorite place.

He has rekindled friendships from college, and I am now lucky to call them my friends.

We have become part of a church we feel we can call “home.”

And what truly blows me away is the beauty I see every single day. Not all days are easy, but when I see the mountains in the distance, I am reminded that I am one small being on this big earth, and God is the One who is in control.

I have a confession: when I first met my fiance, I knew that Colorado was a big part of who he was. He had a certain smile and spark when talking about it, and he had mentioned how one day he would like to go back. As our relationship became more serious and I graduated college, we decided I was going to move to Asheville (and he would soon follow). Part of the reason we chose this location was because it had a job opportunity for me, but it was also a place with mountains. My fiance had previously mentioned that if he ever moved back to Colorado, he wasn’t sure if he could ever leave. I appreciated his honesty, but I was scared.

What if we moved there, and I didn’t like it? I had only spent one week in Colorado in my whole life…and I was nearly out of breath the whole time!

Asheville was an opportunity for me to test out the mountains without committing to Colorado. However, when the job didn’t work out, and I moved back to Chicago, the discussion of where to move resurfaced.

I remember talking at his lake house in Wisconsin one Saturday morning. We started talking about life, about the truths that we each hide. And his was that he still had a deep desire to move to Colorado. I listened with open ears and an open heart, and after a few days of prayer, I told him I was in. I wanted to move to Colorado as well.

You see, I thought that my decision was in his best interest. I wanted to make a selfless decision, and I knew that it isn’t specific locations that make me happy but rather the people I am surrounded with. Hence, if Colorado was where he would be the most happy, I wouldn’t rob him of that.

But now I have been here for four months, and I realize the decision wasn’t in his best interest; it was in both of ours.

Colorado has brought me more joy than I thought possible. With my limited ability to go on runs or long bike rides, I am still able to enjoy long hikes and take in the beauty of nature. I am surrounded by some incredible people–the love of my life and my best friend–and I know that without a doubt God had been prepping me for this journey all along.

I miss my family and still secretly wish that they would all move here and learn to love the state as much as I do, but I also know that we have all been planted in certain spots for a reason.

Over the last two weeks, I have gone on two incredible hikes, ran on a trail by Red Rocks Amphitheater, fully enjoyed each day at work, spent time with friends, and prayed with great thankfulness.

I still can’t believe that the word “Colorado” used to intimidate me so much. After all, now I am here, and now I know why my fiance always had a big smile and spark when talking about it.