When I think back to the day I created this blog, I see myself sitting in the DePaul campus library sitting on a lounge chair and smiling with abundant thoughts.

With only a few weeks left of undergrad, I imagined what it would be like to not have homework, to not spend countless hours each night on school, and to officially receive my degree. “The Graduate Adventures” seemed fitting, as I would be a graduate, and I assumed adventures would abound now that hours of academia would transfer to hours of free time.

However, I realized this weekend that I am sitting back in that seat I did all those years–writing papers, taking exams, and reading textbooks with any spare time I can find.

I am a graduate from DePaul University, but now I am also a graduate student.

I haven’t written about my masters program yet, but my thoughts and time have most definitely been encompassed by it.

I suppose there is a difference between graduate school and undergrad, however.

The classes I am currently taking spark an even greater interest in my mind. I read new information in the morning and then see it come to life at work in the afternoon. I know that all of the work I put in now will go toward my work in the future, and this makes the research, the papers, the tests and projects worth it.

While attending DePaul, I loved my Psychology classes, but I didn’t see an “end goal.” I was working toward a potential career–one I had no idea existed. Yet now, I am working toward a specific degree that once paired with a set number of supervision hours will allow me to sit for an exam. And that exam will give me the credentials for my dream job.

So many people assume that a dream job is one that we imagine as kids and cling tight to as we age. However, I have learned that over time we meet people, experience change, and develop into the people who have hearts for a specific role in this world.

I may be counting down until the end of the semester so I can have a short break from academia, yet I am also excited because a break from school means more available hours to work and gain practical experience.

Being a graduate student is no walk in the park. Rather, it is a hike up a mountain. When I realize that the hike up leads to my dream destination though, I am thankful for all of the steady steps.