When my alarm went off this morning, I was more tired than usual. I could feel my eyes pressing to stay shut, yet when I remembered why I was so tired, I decided to wear my drowsiness with pride.

I did stay up later than usual last night. Although I am still convincing myself of this truth, my night was not a dream. In fact, the news articles and posts on social media prove I am in reality.

The Cubs won the World Series.

For the first time since 1908.

I suppose I can call it a dream in real life.

I drove home from work yesterday, listening to the first three innings of the game. I then met up with my fiancé who had just gotten back into town after traveling for work. We had ordered pizza and were attempting to stream the game (as we have no TV), and we were in for a surprise.

When we picked up the pizza, we realized the restaurant had the game on, so we told them we would hang around for a bit. Once the place emptied out, we wondered if it was time for us to leave. We told the owner to let us know when he wanted to kick us out, and with a big smile on his face he said, “I am staying until the end of the game, so you can too! Make yourself at home.” The restaurant was vacuumed, the open sign was off, and Adam and I sat with the owner and a worker as we watched the game.

Then there was a rain delay. And extra innings.

We all cheered for the Cubs and learned a little bit about each other. And it was a blast.

You see, cheering for the Cubs with total strangers in a closed-down restaurant, witnessing a win that will forever be in history, and seeing the players’ tears gave me a hope.

The restaurant owner told us that this win was exactly what the country needed right now, and I couldn’t agree more.

We learned that patience is worth it, that “next year” may be “this year,” that people can gather together and love each other in unique ways because of a simple bond. We learned that dreams come true.

I remember my first MLB game ever at Wrigley Field. I remember being the kid who was relentless at cheering with my brother and sister. We were the “cute kids” who tried to start chants and would stand up and clap whenever possible. My brother was always decked out and covered in temporary tattoos, and the memories stick with me.

And we all know that last night will stick with me too.

A generous restaurant owner, a new experience, and a World Series Championship.

I am wearing my drowsiness with pride.