A couple weekends ago my fiance’s mom and uncle came to Colorado. (One of the best parts about living here is that so many people want to visit!) Because they had both been to the Denver area quite a few times, we decided to escape to the mountains for the weekend.

And ironically enough, they had all been to the mountains many times as well. Adam’s mom booked an airbnb in Breckenridge, and the plans were set.

Pretty views. Loving company. And a hot tub. That was all we needed.

Being my first time in Breckenridge, I had no idea what to expect. But I loved it.

The Aspens were just starting to change colors, the air smelled so fresh, and even though the mornings and night hours got into the 40s and 50s, the sun brought beautiful weather during the day.

Some highlights from the weekend included: Eric’s Pizza (highly recommended), a morning stroll/hike near our house rental, riding bikes from Breckenridge to Frisco on the beautiful bike trail, walking through downtown Frisco, riding the gondola (for my first time!) up to the resort on peak 8 for drinks, hiking to the secret “Hallelujah Hut” and signing the guestbook on 9/11, and enjoying Oktoberfest.

And as much as I would love to go into detail on the whole weekend, I don’t think you would want to read paragraph after paragraph.

I will, however, expand upon the bike ride because, for me, it was like no other.

I am learning to go day by day and to listen to my body when it comes to physical activity, and I knew that on this day there was no way I would make it a full 21 miles. Yet I still wanted to try, I wanted to join in on the fun. My fiance and his family were so understanding and accommodating, and when his mom mentioned the possibility of renting a tandem, I was all in.

Adam and I rode that two-man bicycle and enjoyed every second. I still remember when we first gave it a spin around the parking lot: we had trouble starting, hardly made our turn, and I felt a little nervous about our choice. After a mile or so, though, we had the hang of it! Because I was in the back and could not see much past his back, I didn’t see when we would be turning, braking, or going uphill. I went with the flow and learned how important simple communication is: “Time to go downhill!” for example.

We did go off trail for a few seconds at one point, and as I laughed and laughed, I struggled to keep pedaling. Lucky for me, I had a real cyclist keeping us moving and safe.

The ride was fun, but it also taught me a little lesson. I may not always feel up to par, but I have people on my side who will join the ride and pull me along just when I need it. I also learned that tandems are absolutely awesome–especially when riding through extraordinary mountain views.

Breckenridge provided us the perfect weekend escape, and I recommend it to any of you. Ride a bike. Take a hike. Stare at the views, and breathe in the air.

Life is great, and sometimes the smallest moments on trips can remind us of this very truth.