I have heard that Pinterest has changed the wedding industry. The woman who owns our selected venue even said that she was glad she got married before Pinterest and the high expectations it has set for every bride and groom.

As much as I agree that perhaps we are all aiming for the magazine-cover wedding (that may not be the most necessary), I also think that it is fun to see the creativity and new ideas on Pinterest..part of which include the new tradition of bridal party proposals.

My fiancé and I did steal some ideas from the internet, but we made an attempt to make those ideas our own as well.

So how did we ask our siblings and close friends to join us on our big day? Socks and balloons. You’ve got it.

The hard part about all of these newfound traditions is still sticking to a budget. The more components to the engagement and wedding, the more the price goes up. My fiancé and I wanted to make this moment special, but we also wanted to ask the bridal party in an affordable way.

First, the ladies: balloons. 


I custom made a card for each bridesmaid and the maid of honor. The “popped” was also meant to hint at what may be inside.


I then wrote on each balloon asking, “Will you be my maid of honor/bridesmaid?” and included the date. You can purchase the card and balloon set pre-made online but it is about $12 a card. If you DIY, the only materials needed are: balloons, paper, a Sharpie, and colored pencils! Plus, it is more fun 🙂


Next, I whole punched the card and tied the balloon to the card with ribbon.


Once each lovely lady received the card in the mail, she had an instruction to blow up the balloon…and the question was a little more visible!

Creative. Fun. Unique. Inexpensive.

Next, the men: socks. 

My fiancé is a man after my heart, but also a man after socks. He has socks imprinted with coffee, bikes, and anything else–you name it. Not to mention, he takes extra care of his socks. The first time I wanted to help fold his laundry I quickly learned that I was doing it wrong…He has a very particular way of not folding them–to ensure that they have a longer life-span of course!

So, his love for socks plus the new trend of fancy socks, lead to our decision for him to ask his groomsmen with a pair of socks–with tents on them!


As you can see, he had asked the men to be his groomsmen while also hinting at his idea for a bachelor party…something with the outdoors and a tent!


He even got down on one knee for this good friend after they had both finished a triathlon, and I must say he was happy to accept 🙂

Wedding planning can be crazy at times. Plus, the expectation to have a “Pinterest” wedding is pretty high. However, there are ways to have fun, be creative, and still stick to your budget!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment any ways you have been asked to be part of a wedding, or if you have asked your friends somehow special. It’s always fun seeing new ideas!