Now that I am living in hiking territory yet again, I figured I could share information on each hike I go on. Perhaps one day you will visit Colorado and want to know some details on specific spots.

I admit that I have already gone on 4-5 hikes since my arrival in Colorado, so I am a little behind on this goal. However, this is a start. 🙂

To me, hiking is much more than the trail. All components add to the experience. The people alongside you, the drive to the trailhead, the weather, the time of year…they all impact the overall impression. And I am going to tell you a little bit about each.

My drive to Maxwell Falls was short of an hour from Lakewood, and passing through Conifer was absolutely beautiful. Evergreens were always in view, and the roads flawlessly curved though the mountains giving me a “Colorado feel.”

I went on this adventure with my fiancĂ© and best friend. Arriving at the trailhead around 10:00 a.m. was perfect. Other hikers were already out and about, but there was still a spot in the parking lot for my friend’s awesome new jeep renegade!

We started at 7800 ft and climbed to 8330 ft. Although this hike did not have a huge ascent, there were some ascents and descents on the way to the falls. Hence, as opposed to a summit hike, the way back to the car still had some ascents. This kept our calves working and the adventure moving.

In all honesty, I would not call this a “waterfall hike.” To me, the actual hike was just as enjoyable (if not more-so) than seeing the falls. After living in Asheville, NC and experiencing hikes where waterfalls were the ultimate destination, Maxwell Falls could not compare. The sound was beautiful, the water was clear, but it did not stand out in size. If I had gone on the hike without knowing a waterfall existed, I would have been pleased with the additional feature. However, previously expecting big falls made it seem less impressive.


The weather was hot and sunny, but the tree coverage provided ample shade, so we never felt overheated. The total distance of our hike was 3.88 miles, and we completed it in an hour and forty minutes. This, keep in mind, was with stopping to take pictures, sip water, etc. Hiking Maxwell Falls can truly be done at any pace, and this adds to its appeal.

My advice? Hike Maxwell Falls. Go with your best friends or your family (the trail was also very pet-friendly) and enjoy the beautiful evergreen views. Don’t expect a big waterfall. Rather, let the sound of the water lure you to its location and simply smile at the beauty. Be impressed by its presence.

After all, my favorite part about hiking is getting outdoors, exploring a new area, and spending time with people I love.

Did Maxwell Falls meet all criteria? It absolutely did.

Feel free to add any comments if you have also gone on this hike. I would love to see what others thought as well.

Happy hiking!