I am delighted to announce that today I am starting a position as a Behavioral Skills Therapist. This is the first step toward my career goal of becoming a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), and I have to admit that when I got the call from this company with its offer, my smile could not be matched.

When I moved back from Asheville I applied for a plethora of jobs. I got an offer for a behavior line therapist position, but unsure of if I would be in Chicago for a year to commit to clients, I accepted the other offer as an Aide at an academy for children who have autism. This job lasted through the end of the school year, so it seemed like the perfect fit…and it was.

My last job showed me my passion for children who have Autism. It introduced me to the population and slowly made me comfortable with the challenges that arise in this field of work. I gained a new perspective on life and also learned what I wanted my “grown-up job” to be. If I hadn’t taken this job before becoming a behavior therapist, I am unsure of if I would have been ready to take this step, and perhaps my lack of preparation could have strayed me away from this field.

For that, I am so thankful.

I remember the night I found the position I was just hired for. I sat with my fiancé, looking at homes in Colorado, when I decided to open Indeed.com and search for jobs as well. This particular company caught my eye and felt like a tiny piece of Heaven. I applied for the position the next day, and waited about three weeks to hear back. When I opened the email, my face fell flush. I had been rejected. I almost closed out the email before reading the whole message because all that mattered at that moment was that I did not receive a chance at an interview. However, I skimmed the rest and noticed that they mentioned how I had met all of the qualifications apart from one…I wasn’t already living in Colorado.

I emailed the recruiter back and asked if there were any potential openings for later in the summer, and he told me to contact him once I knew the exact dates I would be moving. About two weeks later, my fiancé was offered to work for his company remotely, and I contacted the recruiter again with our finalized dates.

One week later, I interviewed with him over FaceTime for the same position I was initially rejected for. A week after that, I had the pleasure of interviewing with the director.

The recruiter and I had stayed in touch, and he had boosted my confidence by telling me he was very impressed and had no doubt the director would be too. The evening of the final interview, I received a call from him with an offer…and all of the puzzle pieces fit together.

I am still astonished that I will be working in the position I was initially rejected for. How did it happen? A few extra emails, commitment to reaching out, and a whole lot of faith.

Every so often I see God’s work in action. Over the last nine months, I was lead to a job with the most incredible staff and students who inspired me to move forward, I made plans to move to Colorado and applied for many open positions, and the one position that just “felt right” denied me, yet somehow I will be walking through their doors today to experience my first day of training.

If my time in Lockport taught me anything, it is this: God is good. He prevails. He loves. He blesses. He is at work. God’s plans are perfectly orchestrated. We just need to trust in Him.

And somehow, despite the fact that I learned this very truth, I was overwhelmed and fearful the first few days of living here. God had walked me through each step to this new plan, but when it was time to act, I felt anxious. Moving my fiancé into his apartment and then moving into my own two days later felt scary.

As if I hadn’t already realized I lost sight of what I learned before, the sermon yesterday was on fear. “Do not fear,” the Bible says. I was reminded that to have courage is to express trust in God in the face of fear.

Moving and starting a new job may be a little scary. I now know that. However, I also know with 100% certainty that God is in control and that He will provide.

Today, I take that first step, and I remember who my Father is.