In life, I try to avoid risk. I seek out the safest answer, the most comfortable ride, the most plausible route. I often times follow logic, because well, life tells us logic is beautiful.

Life tells us to play things safely, to minimize risk to the greatest extent, and to hope for the best outcome…because with logic, the best outcome always develops, right?

Nope. I don’t think so.

I think risk is beautiful.

I hardly have any money in the stock market because I am afraid of the risk of losing money. I am bad at starting new friendships when I know they will be temporary because the risk of a painful goodbye is too hard. I am the epitome of a fearful girl, afraid of risk because logic makes sense. Of course it does: isn’t that in the definition?

Despite my fear of risk, I look at my last year and realize that the biggest steps forward were taken and accomplished because of this beautiful risk.

I moved to North Carolina. I took a job I was not prepared for. I moved back when I realized I needed something else. I didn’t have a job. I found one. I found the job that has taught me the career I want to follow. I decided I wanted to follow my fiancé’s dream of moving to Colorado. I found another job, after the decision. Yet another risk.

I have taken risks each day of my life, minor ones and more significant ones. It was these risks that lead me to where I am today. If I hadn’t made those decisions, I would be stuck in the land of logic–on a stagnant playing field living in comfort.

Whether it is in relationships, work, finances, or even finding a new hobby, risk is involved. The most frustrating thing is that most of the time we analyze our risk, and we prioritize the logical view. In order to make a stride forward toward success, at least one party needs to take a risk, but most of the time, both parties deny that risk, play things safely, and a plethora of opportunities are missed.

I don’t want my life to be a land of missed opportunities, flying by because I decided to take the safe route. Yes, I will probably always have the fear of risk, but from my experiences, I will also always know the benefits.

Risk a beautiful, beautiful thing.

What are you afraid of? What are you holding back on because you are sitting in a pool of logical, comfortable statistics and facts?

What could happen if you moved beyond the fear, took the risk, and bounced into the land of opportunity? Yes, you could have a loss. You could lose a friend, get hurt in a relationship, take a loss with finances in your company. Or you could take the risk and see how far you can leap forward.

The beautiful thing about risk is you do not know the outcome.

And although that is scary, isn’t the possibility of something more even more enticing than following the logical pattern?