Last weekend was jam-packed and filled with those moments when reality hits you right in the face.

My fiancé and I visited Colorado–although it was less of a visit and more of a mission. We looked at a wedding venue in Estes Park, saw about 10-12 houses, drove to surrounding apartment complexes, and scoped out the areas around Denver to determine where specifically we wanted to start our time in this beautiful state.

After writing up an offer on a home, we went to one final showing and threw the realtor in for a loop by asking him to submit a different offer on the most recent condo rather than the one we had already decided to buy. On Tuesday, we learned that the offer was accepted.

So was the weekend worthwhile? Yes. My fiancé has a place to live for the first year before we are married, and I will have a place to join him after that. However, it wasn’t only leaving with an offer on the table that made the weekend “worthy of my time.”

Other than a week-long vacation two years ago, I had not spent any time in Colorado. I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t have a specific connection to it. I just knew that it was going to be my new home and that I was excited to finally pursue my plan to move from Illinois. After spending a weekend there, however, I gained an initial connection.

I can now say that the Indian food scene is incredible, that the mountainous views are absolutely unbelievable, that the weather is pretty on point, and that the city feel is still evident but on a much smaller scale. The weekend had a tight schedule, but we did fit in a hike up Green Mountain, and as I walked next to my fiancé and stared at the beauty surrounding me, I had no doubt that the decision to call this place home was the perfect one.

Has reality hit me in the face? Yes.

In one month I will be living in the place I just visited. I will not drive my typical route to work or frequent the same gas stations and grocery stores. I will be able to hike up a mountain rather than walk on the same dirt trail whenever I want to get outdoors, and I will experience even more great change.

In two weeks I will be heading home, spending time with my family and preparing for the move.

Reality has set in, and I couldn’t be more excited to take these next big steps toward making myself a new home.