This life is a roller coaster ride. You’ve heard it before, and I have no doubt you’ve felt the adrenaline rush at the top or the pit in your stomach on the way down.

You know, I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters, and maybe it is because no matter how prepared I am cognitively for the fall, my body doesn’t physiologically counteract that empty-gut feeling. It’s scary, and not the most comfortable.

Well, the more experiences I encounter in this life, the more I realize life really is like a roller coaster. Not only are there ups and downs; there are also times when you have to choose which angle you want to focus on.

If we all had better control of our thoughts and emotions, I believe we would choose to look at the positives in our lives. These are the blessings, the moments that bring us joy, the stories we can laugh at over and over again. Despite our desire to stay positive, the negative things in our lives somehow take precedence. We could have the perfect day with the exception of one flaw, and then all attention is drawn toward that speck.

I am guilty of this. And it’s not because I want to be a pessimist or emotional or negative. It just happens.

So having a B.A. in Psychology, I am taking matters into my own hands. I fully understand the cognitive-behavioral connection: I know that it can be challenging to control one’s emotions, but it is also possible. I am going to gain full control.

When I experience or see something negative, I will counteract it with two positives. I will not let the downs of this roller coaster scare me out of the ride.

If I have learned anything from roller coaster rides, it is that there is always an end– a time when I tell myself, “that wasn’t too bad.” And life is the same way. When we are in the heat of a challenging time, the fall seems drastic and unbearable. Once the ride is over, though, we do typically remember the adrenaline and say that the experience was fun. Here is when we are again redirected to positivity.

I challenge myself to see the ups when I am in the midst of a down. I challenge you to take control with me. See that flaw, learn from that speck, but fail to focus on it. Instead, look at the happy side, see the blessings you have been given, and feel the positive vibes.

It may not be easy, but it is definitely worth it. Life may seem like forever, but at one point, our roller coaster rides will come to an end too. I know that I want to do what I can to have fun and enjoy each part–not only the upward climbs.

Some see a weed. Some see a wish. Today, and every day, let’s see a wish.