It’s been a whirlwind of a year. As I see the current classes graduating, I realize how much time has passed since I was the one in the cap and gown receiving my diploma.

I’ve continued to write, and for that, I am thankful. I have record of this new life–this adventure as an “adult” in the “real world”…although I have already learned that this world has been real all along.

In the last year I have moved to North Carolina, moved back to Chicago, worked two different jobs, fell in love with a career path, started leading a small group, got engaged to my fiancé while in Costa Rica, and learned the beauty of everyday life.

To me, that first year has been a success.

I have also learned that being an adult means the ups and downs of life continue–I have experienced a plethora of health problems and have said some very difficult goodbyes. I have witnessed and felt some emotional, psychological, and physical pain. And I still know God fills my heart with joy, loves me unconditionally, and provides without boundaries.

He does. God always provides.

My church recently did a study on “Daring Faith,” and they encouraged small groups to continue with this curriculum outside of Sunday services. The study was four weeks long, but it spoke words into my soul and created change in my heart. My fiancé has always felt a nudge to move back to Colorado where he completed his undergrad. I have never really had one specific place where I wanted to live, but I did have trouble saying goodbye to Asheville. After some conversations and prayer, I knew that I had wanted to move to Colorado too–especially because it was something that was so important to him.

The thought was planted in our minds, but we were unsure of how this idea would transform into action. During the study we learned that having a daring faith in God means being obedient and pursuing Him even when we don’t know what He will provide. For us, that meant deciding to move even though we did not have housing, jobs, or other logistics figured out. Once we placed our full trust in God and His plan, it was incredible what things started to happen. Our puzzle pieces fit into place. My fiancé was offered to continue working with his company remotely, and I had already planned on starting an online graduate program in the fall. Phone interviews for part-time positions popped up, and I had a confidence that God would again provide.

Not only did God show us that we had no reason to worry about the logistics, He also sparked this idea in our friends as well. Both my fiancé and I have close friends who heard our talk about moving and hopped on the bandwagon too. All four of us plan on moving there at roughly the same time to start a new journey together.

It may sound crazy, and it kind of is.

But I couldn’t be more excited.

I have so much of this world to see, so much of this life to experience. I’ve learned that trying new things and being bold is what forces us to grow and forms us into who we are meant to be. I may sound like a transient, but something tells me Colorado is where I will be for a while.

I want to breathe that mountain air. I want to try snow-skiing even though it scares me more than a room filled with spiders. I want to take risks and love this life.

God has given me one chance to live fully. And I am going to capture it. I am going to take it all in.

This photo was taken two years ago during my first and only visit to Colorado. I may not know the area well, but I know my Savior, so I am following my heart…and the love of my life 🙂