I am posting a few days early to inform you of why you may not see a new post on Monday: I am leaving the country.

And I am still trying to convince myself of this truth.

I have known about this trip for so long, yet the day is finally here. How did it come so fast? Did I plan enough? Do I know what to expect? What am I most excited for?

The truth is the feelings and thoughts I am currently having are almost identical to those that I had exactly two years ago when I traveled to Guatemala for a missions trip. I wondered if I was adequately prepared and had no idea of what would happen during my week away.

Now, roughly 700 days later, I am traveling to Costa Rica–excited for adventure and also doubting my preparation.

What gives me comfort is knowing how perfect my trip to Guatemala was. Of course there were some moments I felt uncomfortable or confused and some moments when I doubted myself, but the unexpected moments were the ones I will never forget. I loved the spontaneity of the week, the willingness to seek out the beauty in each moment and opportunity.

I have confidence that my time in Costa Rica will be similar. I have an idea of what my time will be like, but I am also a blank canvas waiting to absorb all of the painted memories, giggles, and doubts.

When I arrive back home, I will have many stories to tell–many blog posts to share.

An excerpt from my journal while in Guatemala says it all:

When the plane landed, my jaw actually dropped. The scenery was so beautiful. There were canyons, and I felt like I was in a movie. I had never seen anything like it. The beauty astounds me. This trip will open my eyes to the fact that God created beauty everywhere, and not all of that beauty looks the same either. The people, places, and nature look different, but that does not mean they aren’t gorgeous. I think that in America we get stuck in our own ways and disregard anything that isn’t ours. God has given us this whole earth though; We should see it all and embrace it all!” 

I hope to again have opened eyes. I hope to see a new world with a new perspective. I hope to find beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

Here’s to another adventure. Goodbye, United States. Hello, Costa Rica!