“The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”
Proverbs 20:24

This is my new life motto.

I like answers. I like explanations. I like to question. Hence, this verse spoke to me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I trust God, but I am realizing I may not trust Him enough to simply accept what happens in my life; I also need to know why or how events will occur and come together.

I worry. I fear. I overthink. (Are you starting to see why this is my new life motto?)

I am learning that sometimes finding the answers and explanations to my overthought questions is consuming—of my time, my energy, my focus, and my health. If worrying and wondering will not change the outcome, why draw so much attention to the process?

My God is great. He is good. He is loving and powerful. My God is your God, and He guides our steps.


Part of living this “post-graduate” life is learning in new ways. I have taken a break from lectures, exams, and research papers, but I have entered a new phase of deciphering who I am. I am learning who this girl is without a list of academic to-dos. I am figuring out what and who I run to, what questions I continually ask, what doubts I feel, and what hope I find.

I am learning who I am, but I am also learning who I want to be.

I want to be fearless.

I don’t need to be the woman training lions at the circus (I am okay with that kind of fear), but I want to be the one saying “yes” to opportunities in life and walking along the path God directs me to without questioning how and if things will work out.

The answer? They will. How do I know? Because they always have. Even when I thought they wouldn’t (or didn’t), I later understood how each moment lead to a new step in my journey.

It’s time I live my life motto. It’s time I become fearless. It’s time I trust without limits.

It’s time I live.