To me, adventure is defined by the one seeking the journey. Anything and everything can be an adventure: it all depends on one’s perspective, attitude, and willingness to pursue open doors.

In fact, sometimes a trip to the grocery store can be as memorable as a trip across the ocean. I have experienced some humorous moments while taste-testing gelato and dropping a glass bottle of canola oil in the Italian aisle of Marianos.

Life, and all of the moments it’s composed of, can be full of adventure.

Or so I believe.

And today, I felt inclined to write more about the angles of adventure.

What I have recently realized is that discoveries can be made in various ways. This past weekend I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin. I had been there once before, and during the trip, I had seen the Capitol building, the downtown scene, the chocolate shops galore, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. My boyfriend and I had parked in a parking garage and scoped out the area on foot–walking from place to place.

However, on my most recent trip, we did not go to the same parking garage. We drove along another main street and saw a completely different part of the city. We passed the Botanical Gardens, the lakefront trail, and the art galleries and coffee shops galore. After parking on the street, we decided to check out the area on wheels–riding BCycles.


We went on a 10-mile ride on the lakefront path, discovered some parts of the lake, and traveled a much further distance than we ever would have on foot.

I felt the wind on my cheeks and giggled at the top-heavy bikes we had rented.

My boyfriend believes that riding a bicycle is the best way to tour a city. After my experience in Madison, I have to give his thoughts some credit. Being on a bike definitely created unique opportunities for exploration.

However, I don’t think there is a “best” way to tour a place. In fact, I believe the “best” way is a combination of all ways. I have only been to Madison twice, but I feel like I know it so much better after having walked and biked its streets, paths, and sidewalks. If I had only used one method of transportation, I would have missed out on a completely unique experience.

How do you prefer to venture through a new place? What do you think that says about you?

Utilizing different “angles” of adventure can create a variety of perspectives. Perhaps adding new perspectives into our daily routines can teach us something.

Maybe, just maybe, a trip to the grocery store really will be an adventure worth telling.

Now we just have to decide: should we ride, drive, or walk? 🙂