Yesterday I received my official letter of acceptance into Ball State’s Applied Behavioral Analysis Graduate Program. I had already been in communication with an advisor and knew of my acceptance, but I needed the letter in the mail to know it was real.

It wasn’t until recently that I began searching for graduate school programs. After all, I figured that after starting “The Graduate Adventures” I wouldn’t need to graduate again; I am already a graduate!

Despite this original thinking, I knew in my mind (and heart) that I would need to further my education in order to fulfill a career path I absolutely love.

Ball State’s ABA Program is unique due to its concentration on the autistic population. The coursework will still provide me with the knowledge I will need to take the Board Exam down the road, but the curriculum is extremely appealing to me as I have been working with children who have autism since November.

Ironically, when I first moved back to Chicago, I interviewed for an ABA Line Therapist position, and the interviewer mentioned Ball State’s program for if I ever wanted to move forward in this field. I didn’t take that position, but I did learn about my passion for this population, and I am now following the path that was mentioned in that interview.

Not to mention, the program is online, so I am able to work anywhere while in school as well 🙂

But…I don’t only want to write about myself or this new adventure that I will start in the fall.

Instead, I want to write about the unexpected. I want to write about God’s guidance. I want to write about faith.

When I moved to Asheville I had a deep trust that God was leading me down the perfect path. Although I ended up moving, I know I was right. He lead me to Asheville to learn, to come back and interview with other positions, to hear about a graduate school, to provide me with a job with such incredible co-workers and clients, to show me where I am meant to be and exactly how I am supposed to get there.

I can’t say I was expecting to start graduate school in 2016, but I can’t say I was expecting to hope to be a behavioral analyst either.

God is good.

I still have faith that God is guiding me, and who knows what my upcoming paths will look like. To me, it doesn’t matter. It will all end up just right.