Last Tuesday night I attended a study at my church. (I actually helped lead a group discussion, but that’s talk for another day.) The study is based on Bob Goff’s book “Love Does,” and yes, if that name sounds familiar it’s because I already wrote a post about meeting him 🙂

There were two main focuses in the first week’s “curriculum:” God is with us and It’s important to quit things.

The first point sounds pretty reasonable. Emmanuel means “God with us!” The second point though? We should quit things?

The truth is Bob Goff quits something every single Thursday. He said that by giving something up each week, he makes room for God to fill his time with something even better.

As my group discussed this concept, I shared a personal connection. No, I haven’t quit anything on a weekly basis, but I did quit something big. You may even remember a post about that too…

It seems lately I have thought a lot about my decision to leave Asheville and move back to Chicago. Over the last couple days the East Coast blizzard is what brought me to this reflective space. Yes, it has been below-zero degrees in Chicago. However, I am feeling grateful that I am not in those weather conditions. I’ve heard of the power outages, snow days, etc., and I am thankful to be living in a somewhat milder weather pattern for the week!

It’s not only the weather though. As I shared my story with the discussion group on Tuesday, I listed all of the good things that have come from moving back.

I have found a job that I enjoy and discovered the next path I want to take in my career. I was able to see my family over the holidays, and I have seen my brother several times since I moved back. I am blessed to see my boyfriend nearly every day instead of two days every six weeks, and I have gotten plugged in with an awesome church.

“I would not be here in this moment if I had not moved back,” I told the group. “If I hadn’t quit my job in Asheville and moved back to Chicago, I wouldn’t have provided God with the empty space to fill with such incredible blessings.”


And I meant every word.

I remember sitting in my apartment in Asheville contemplating the big decision. I remember telling myself that if I quit, I would be a quitter. I am glad that I overcame that mentality and made a decision to give up what didn’t feel right.

Not to mention, apparently being a quitter isn’t always a bad thing!

Sometimes in life we are meant to quit. Whether it’s a bad habit, a career path, a relationship, a hobby, or an unhealthy diet, it doesn’t matter.

We need to start seeing quitting as Bob Goff does. Quitting is not bad; instead, it provides us with an opportunity for more good.

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus tells the disciples to follow Him and they will become fishers of men. (Drop your job, leave your routine, give up your comfort…and follow me! I have something even better for you in store.)

What are you going to quit? And how excited are you to see how God fills that void?