IMG_4152As I sat in a Starbucks with my boyfriend researching graduate schools and brainstorming ideas for this week’s blog post, I asked him what to write about. “Nothing extravagant has happened this week,” I said. “Then write about nothing,” he said. I gave him a puzzled look. “For real. Write about the beauty of nothingness,” he said.

So here it is: my say on the weeks that don’t stand out among others, the weeks where we follow routine and realize only seven days have passed, the weeks that are pretty frequent in our lives, the weeks that add together to this beautiful thing we call life.

The last six months of my life have been pretty eventful. My life after graduation has been filled with trips, moving, visits home, holidays, new jobs, and meeting new friends. It seems that each week I was able to pull at least one event from the seven days to write about.

This week was different. I could have written about new beginnings, as work started again after break. I could have written about getting back into routines. Yet, it was still a typical week.

Most days I woke up, went to work, worked out, made dinner, and went to bed. I tried some incredible sushi, and I swam for the first time in a while, but that was about “it.”

And I still had a wonderful week.

To me, the beauty of nothingness is that nothing is still something.

Perhaps my days were full of routine, but don’t we all follow our routines? Isn’t that what “post-graduate life” is about? We have commitments, schedules, and it all combines into a routine. We prioritize people and hobbies. We conduct our week to look the way we want.

And in the end, we end the week on a happy note.

I don’t feel like I missed anything special this week. I feel fulfilled.

After writing this post, I feel even better. I realized that nothing is actually a lot. I have a job. I have friends. I have family. I have God. I have love.

When those five elements of my life intertwine, I live out the perfect routine.

Have you found the beauty in nothingness? Have you realized that your nothing is a whole lot of something?

I hope so. If not, perhaps this message has helped.

Happy Monday. Enjoy today’s routine. And smile a big smile 🙂