I have successfully completed a full work week in my new position, and I feel content. Life is moving forward as I was told it would be, and I am again beginning to learn even more about myself. It’s crazy to realize that every day is an opportunity to put a piece of my puzzle into place. Each moment is the perfect chance.

I have fully understood that God’s promises do hold true, that He does follow us and guide us at all times. What I have yet to understand, however, is Chicago traffic.

Yes. This post is about commuting.

At my last job I was fortunate to have a five minute walk to work. Now, I have a 30 to 90 minute drive (depending on variable conditions, of course).

Each morning last week I left for work at a different time. Monday I arrived about 40 minutes early. Tuesday I was about one minute early. Wednesday through Friday I was still 30 minutes early.

I could not figure the drive out. As I told some people about my attempts to “figure out” the perfect time to leave in the mornings, I got similar responses: “Tell me when you figure out the magic formula! It’s Chicago traffic. It’s so unpredictable.”

Those people were all right. I have a feeling that even if I left at the exact same time each day, I would arrive extremely early, extremely late, or maybe once…on time. I have accepted the unpredictability of the commuter life, and this acceptance lead to something even more important–the unpredictability of life itself.

Last week I also got sick, witnessed 10″ of snow fall to the ground, and experienced unique moments each and every day at work. Nothing could be predicted.

And in the same way, the bigger things in life are unpredictable too. I can’t even imagine a 2-year plan right now because I am still trying to decipher this year’s events.

I could try to predict this life, but I will most likely end up incorrect. Life is crazy, life is fun, life is hard, life is life.

Sometimes we just need to roll with the traffic. Some days/weeks/months are free-flowing, and other times we sit for extended periods waiting for a chance to move forward.

That’s okay.

Enjoy the unpredictability. Enjoy this commute called life.