This website covers my post-undergraduate adventures. I tell you about my fun experiences as well as the nitty and gritty of “real life.” And well, real life requires us to seek and hold jobs.

So yes, today is the day I tell you about job searching; It is truly an adventure.

Rewind about nine months to find me in the same place I am right now: sitting at my computer, opening up Indeed.com, Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, and then typing in every possible keyword I can think of: psychology, children, writing, entry-level, education, advertising, communications, research, direct-care, healthcare, freelance. You get the point. Some days I don’t realize how much time I spend searching for the perfect position until I look at the clock and see the hour hand has completed four to five full circles.

It’s safe to say I am familiar with nearly every position opening in my field within a 25 mile radius. When I attended the zoo last week, I told the person I was with what jobs had openings. I have covered a wide spectrum  and nearly memorized my options.

Job seeking is not only a search though. It is also a test. Once applications are sent and calls are made, interviews happen. The interviewer tests me, and I test the company. To put it in “real-life and somewhat-accurate terms,” it’s a date. Do our missions align? Can we work well together? Can we see ourselves being together long-term? Can we meet each other’s needs? And depending on the answers to these questions, a decision is made to either 1) pray for an offer or 2)immediately grab my computer once I arrive home to continue the search for a more compatible match.

I’ve had quite a few interviews in the last three weeks, and I have found myself contemplating decisions to accept or decline offers, to continue the search, or to even research graduate schools.

The truth is job searching (seeking and testing) is not easy. Ultimately, a decision needs to be made. Unless I want to be a recruiter or break a world record for the most memorized open job positions, I need to choose a company soon.

I am writing this post to each person who has experienced the craziness of looking for a job to start off a career. I am writing to the undergraduates who will soon be starting this process. And I am writing to any person currently in my position–a non-position.

Job searching is different for each person, but I can tell you one thing: for everyone, it is a unique adventure.