It was only four and a half months ago that I wrote a “hello world!” blog post. It marked the beginning of The Graduate Adventures as well as my life in the real-world. Since then, I have most definitely experienced adventure by going on vacations, moving to Asheville for a job, meeting new friends, discovering the beauty of nature, learning important life lessons, and then moving back to the land of my undergraduate degree.

Hence, it felt fitting to write a second edition “Hello World” post.

Despite all of the experiences I encountered since graduating from DePaul, I can’t help but feel like I am yet again starting over. I am re-entering another world. I have learned my way around the suburbs, I have attempted to begin a new routine, I have applied to more jobs than I can count, and I am still on the prowl for a community of friends who live close by. I like to view this stage as a stair above the others, but to me, it sometimes appears that I am back at the bottom of the staircase–rediscovering who I am meant to be in this world.

And perhaps that will be the theme of this stage: finding myself.

In college it was easy to know who I was. I was a student, a hard-working one. My “spare time” was spent reading text books, writing papers, and hanging out in the campus library. I rarely had to make a decision about what to do with free time because it was already filled. Lately I have had all of the free time in the world, and it has made me question everything about who I am. I can no longer call myself a student and I have yet to claim a job title, so who am I?

That is the real question.

It is my hope that during this stage of life I can climb up the stairs. I can make decisions about who I am and who I aim to be. Whether it is through a job, through again attempting to make new friends, or through my time alone, I hope that I can discover the secret. Never did I think I would be so confused about the blonde girl writing this post, but I sure am.

For now, I am on an expedition to find the answers.