Over the last year I have learned about the intricacy of God’s planning. He gives me support when I need it, especially through other people.

Ever since I was a baby, I have encountered others who guide me through important stages. My family taught me the essentials to life. I learned manners, expectations, and how to get along with and tactfully argue with siblings. In elementary school my friends taught me what it was like to develop friendships, to fend for myself, and to share who I was as an individual. Middle school and high school friends experienced crushes, anxieties, and hard exams with me. They were with me through big decisions, injuries and ACTs. My college friends supported me when I realized I had to fully support myself. I couldn’t lean on my parents’ to give me a hug after a hard day; instead, it was them who I ran to. They warmed my feet when I was cold and studied beside me for finals.




I haven’t been out of college long, but I have already gained a new support system–a new grouping of friends. I remember walking home from my first day of training when another intern welcomed me into her apartment and introduced me to her and her friend. I can now call them some of my best friends. It’s crazy how after only two months I have become closer to these friends than I grew to some of my friends in any other stage of life.

I started alone and I now have support. I have friends who make me smile when I need it. They know when I am struggling, and I know when they are too. Some of the hardest days of my life occurred during my time in Asheville, and these friends have been at my front door, on my porch, in my house, or at work right beside me.


I am not surprised that God blessed me with such strong, encouraging, loving people. It makes sense that they all reflect such incredible character since they work in this field. However, I am still astonished by how perfectly everything fit together.

When I look back at the last two months, at my whole life in general, I realize that God provided me with the exact people I needed to learn lessons, to laugh my happiest laugh, and to gain support when I needed it most.

I am so thankful for His perfect plans and for the people who were all a part of them.