My weekend away from work and extra shifts brought me the solace I had needed. With heavy rainfall on the east coast, Asheville received days and days of showers. I became used to wet sneakers, soggy umbrellas, and frizzy hair. Saturday’s rainfall wasn’t an excuse to complain though. Instead, it was a reason to stay in.


I stayed under my covers and read my book. I started my morning by drinking coffee with my boyfriend over Facetime. I worked out indoors. I journaled. I painted.

I relaxed.

Watching the rain drip down my window elicited a particular calmness. With each drop that fell, I imagined one anxious thought also dripping away. The rain didn’t only trap me inside; it calmed my insides.

Although the rain was meant to continue through Sunday as well, it didn’t. I left church and saw the sun. My bright smile mimicked its shine, and I had motivation to breathe the fall air–to enjoy being outdoors after my previous day confined within the walls of my apartment.

I drove to the nearby Botanical Gardens and walked through the trails. I sat on the rocks in the creek and watched the rushing water flow past me. I admired the beautiful fall leaves–the yellows and reds. I thought of how incredible this world is, how one day can lead us to appreciate the wonders of relaxation indoors and the next can encourage us to acknowledge the nature God has created.


I spent my weekend soothing my soul and reviving my heart.

I learned that even when the rain comes, there are sunny days to follow. Life has hard times, but even in those dreary moments we can find beauty and serenity. Life has good times, and we are meant to appreciate the smoothness that accompanies the sunshine.