The connotation of “adventure” varies from person to person. Some of us define it as a vacation, some of us associate it with nature, and most of us have specific memories that attribute to our personal definitions. I used to think that in order for an experience to be classified as an adventure it had to be exotic, challenging, and beyond normality. However, my perspective has altered greatly.

I am learning that every moment of our lives can be an adventure. It is our mindset that either opens or closes the doorway.

It is very easy, and usually a habit, to go through the motions day to day. Whether we walk, drive, or take public transportation to work, whether we go to a fitness class or meet up with friends, whether we read a book or pick up kids from school, the routine can draw us into a vortex of monotony.

What I am learning is that even in that monotony of routine we have the opportunity to experience adventure. We must strive to explore, thrive, and live.


We can explore the beauty around us. Oftentimes we forget how fascinating the world is because we are too busy to stop and pay attention to the details. We miss out on the smell of the morning dew, the sun shining bright through the office window, the buzzing of traffic and people all around us. We take for granted what our environment is composed of, and we forget that those things are worth exploring.


We can thrive by pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. We can set goals that exceed mediocre limits. Even if we don’t achieve them, we force ourselves to become better by challenging our standards.


We can live rather than just exist. We can make spontaneous decisions, gain control, absorb opportunity, and appreciate the little things.

This weekend I worked a 13-hour night shift, and my schedule was discombobulated. I wanted to go on adventure, but I knew that driving to a hiking trail would probably require more energy than my body had in store. Instead, I decided to walk on a mini trail near my house. It wasn’t exotic. It didn’t require a lot of effort. And it wasn’t a once in a lifetime experience.

But it was an adventure.


I explored the area, I pushed myself to get out and do something, and I soaked in the smells, sights, and sounds of the trail. I witnessed a woodchuck sprint across the path. I heard the whistling wind. I felt spider webs on my legs. I smelled the pollen in the air.

I felt alive, and I felt adventurous.

Adventure is defined by you, but it is also only experienced if you seek it. You don’t need to travel far or plan a specific event. Instead, you can live a life of adventure in your daily routine.

I dare you to explore, to thrive, and to live. Isn’t that what this life is all about?