Two weeks ago I was fortunate to spend one final week with my boyfriend before 650 miles separated us. We had originally planned on exploring the country for one month before we both decided to move, but with some changes in plans came the alteration of our trip. The drive to move me to North Carolina became our road trip, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much exploring we were actually able to do.

Although we passed through five states over the course of the week, we spent quality time in three of them: Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Our adventures entailed riding a golf cart down Broadway in Nashville,  listening to country music, catching up with a friend, camping, hiking, discovering many historic downtown areas, line dancing, house shopping, and eating. I must clarify. We ate some of the best food I have had in my life. I ate a lot, and I ate well. I can still feel my taste buds water as I think of the meals I consumed.

Obviously, I cannot encapsulate this whole week in one post. It isn’t physically possible. However, there are a couple moments that I must share.

To me, these fulfill the very definition of adventure.

  1. Hiking Mt. PisgahMt. Pisgah is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the views from the parkway are phenomenal. Greens and blues blend together to form a gradient of color hardly defining difference between mountain and sky. The view can take one’s breath away–no doubt. What may surprise you is what my boyfriend and I actually saw. Rather than the color of the parkway, we saw what physicists would call all colors–pure white.IMG_3814We hiked through clouds and mist. The moisture on my clothes came from the fog and droplets dripping off the trees above, yet a bright white prevented visibility more than several feet in the distance.Most people visit the parkway to see the views, yet we saw what no one could plan to see. We saw nothing. I can only imagine how rare of an occurrence it is to hike up to the summit of a mountain and be blinded by a white bliss.

    I learned how sometimes it is the things we cannot see that are truly fascinating. We may look for the usual comforts and scenes, yet it is the unexpected views and experiences that can transform our outlook.

2. Dining in Downtown Greenville, SC

To start, I thought this city was absolutely fascinating, and I recommend any person visit. If you do, you must walk through Falls Park and the downtown area.

The food options are also incredible. We chose to dine at an Italian restaurant the first night. It looked fancy, so we considered moving onward to the place next door when the waiter outside reassured our decision to eat at this particular place. Hence, we entered the doors, got escorted to a spacious booth, and met our waiter. He brought us waters as we discussed the menu.

The ultimate decision was to share an appetizer and entree as the portions were very large. We placed our order.

Soon, a salad was placed on our table. This was apparently a mistake, but since it had touched the table, we had the option to have it. (Adam and I never turn down food.) The appetizer we ordered came, and soon did the entree. The waiter who brought us the salad set the plate on the table top and stated, “this one is actually yours!” We giggled.

The chicken was delicious. The pasta was as well. Our plates were nearly empty when our waiter approached our IMG_1405table and leaned down. “So,” he said, “This isn’t your meal. You are eating the chicken parmesan.”

I couldn’t believe it. How had we not recognized that we had marinara (rather than cream) sauce and angel hair pasta (instead of rotini)? The waiter offered for us to take the meal we ordered to go or to order a free dessert.

We chose dessert. And it was one of the best cookie skillets I have ever tasted.

We had basically eaten another table’s meal at the restaurant and banked a free salad and dessert along the way. I learned that sometimes we have to go with the flow, take other people’s advice, and cherish the opportunities that arise. Sometimes we think we make the best decisions for ourselves, yet other people know what we want even better than we know on our own. If it weren’t for that table across the restaurant, we wouldn’t have had the salad, chicken parmesan, or dessert.

Life can be savory when we absorb recommendations from others.

So yes, I did learn a lot from my week-long adventure. I hope these two discoveries resonate with you, but if they don’t, do not be discouraged. I have plenty more adventures to share in the future.