I spent five days last week in South Dakota–my home territory. Although each time I visit more and more has changed, it is still the place where I learned to tie my shoes and ride a bicycle (without training wheels), the place where I spent Sundays after church eating brunch with my grandma and Monday mornings rolling out of bed for school.

It made me who I am.


In five days I will be moving to North Carolina, and I will then begin to start a new life in a new place. I am unsure of when I will be able to make it back to South Dakota, and it is very possible that I will not see my house again. This fact is hard to comprehend, yet it is teaching me how life is not stagnant nor routined. Life is full of change–and change can be positive.

IMG_0798_2Because of this outlook, being home was not only being home. Rather, it was an adventure. I appreciated the chance to unload that dishwasher I hated unloading throughout my childhood. I spent time sorting through photos from many years ago and saw memories flash through my mind. I went on an 18 mile bike ride with my mom to a town nearby. I drove around to appointments and also spent part of a day at my uncle’s lake. For only being there such a short period, I experienced a lot of emotions, a sore bottom, and a few needle pokes.

It was wonderful.

Perhaps the best part of this adventure was leaving with a full heart. Sometimes it isn’t the details of each moment that blow us away but the feeling encompassed afterwards. I expected to feel uneasy and saddened when saying goodbye to my home. Instead, I felt grateful for the memories, loved by my family, and excited to see where life takes each of us.

Adventures usually leave us in awe, and South Dakota still elicits this response for me.