The Graduate Adventures is centered on adventure–clearly. However, it also focuses on life after graduation. This period of life is the time I can say, “Hello, World!” and mean it. I can embrace new routine, new friends, and a new setting.

Graduating college not only changed some things; for me, it has nearly changed everything.

Change doesn’t always mean a removal or addition, but rather an alteration. For example, I love to learn. I may not be sitting in a classroom or completing assigned readings and papers, but I can still self-educate through experience, optional reading, and the wisdom of other people. Hence, The Graduate Adventures will also have a section of what I learn after college.

IMG_0547To start, I relearned how much I enjoy recreational reading. The summer after I graduated high school was somewhat similar to this one. I had few obligations and was told to “enjoy myself.” Despite this recommendation from others, I did (and still do) wrestle with the guilt of not having a full calendar. To fill my time that summer, I went on long runs, long bike rides, and read long books (‘long’ was added intentionally–the longer, the more time spent!). 

It seems that over the three years at DePaul I had forgotten how much I loved sitting down to read a novel. I did read. In fact, I read a lot. I read cover to cover of each text book assigned equalling about 1,200 pages per ten-week quarter. However, I rarely had the time to read a book I had chosen from the library shelf. When that time was available, the last activity I wanted to do was stare at more black and white pages.

Now that I do not have assigned readings, however, I am loving the opportunity to read for fun. I sat in the grass at Oz Park, cuddled on the couch, flipped page after page and felt emotions for the characters in each book. I became a part of each fictional story as my mind and heart delved into each chapter, and I have also read a couple hundred pages in a day.

I have rediscovered my love for reading.

I may not be learning technical definitions or the history of a field, but I am learning about life from make-believe, yet very wise, characters.

There is always an invitation to learn each day, and lately I have accepted the offer to open recreational books.