So far my written adventures have consisted of travels, outdoor activities, and a long distance from home. However, not all adventures require a lot of time, movement, or activity. Sometimes all we simply need is a mind and heart–luckily, we all have these two things.

What I needed for this adventure was a lot of patience, determination, and cardboard boxes. Although not everyone would consider moving out of an apartment an “adventure,” I sure did.

480679_629998053680979_310648734_nI still remember the day that I signed the lease for my first apartment. My roommates and I all sat in a lounge in our dorm and carefully passed around the papers. We placed our signatures by the “x’s” and I happily mailed the documentation to our landlord.

The first few nights in our new place felt like a never-ending sleepover. We danced on the couches, sang at the top of our lungs, and laughed until our stomachs cramped.

I lived in that house for two years, so each time I packed a picture frame or candle or calendar into a box I thought of the memories, the events, the moments.

I recalled the first time I used a gas stove, the face mask night with my friends, the roommate photoshoot, the Harry Potter movie nights, and the person I was two years ago–yes, I have changed quite a bit since then.



Packing everything wasn’t only nostalgic though; it was hard work. I may have even gained some arm muscles from continuously carrying and loading boxes. Moving out was a three-day adventure.

I learned that there is a time and a place for everything. I will miss the room I was so comfortable in. I will miss the routine, the familiarity, and the fun times. I also know that not too far from now I will become acquainted somewhere else. I will be familiar with a new home, and I will continue to have fun times–just different ones.

Packing boxes and bags doesn’t mean there is an end: It means there is a transition.