I’m nearly two weeks out of school and I have already experienced a multitude of adventures ranging from big to small—from hiking to the summit of a mountain to finishing a novel in two days.

I could pour all of the emotions and thoughts from these moments into one post, but I don’t want to do that. I want to take my time sharing these adventurous memories. After all, if I am to embrace each moment, I must not rush to write about each. Instead, I will share an adventure each week.

Some posts may be reflective on something from the past, and others may be more current. Either way, this will be a summer of adventure…and hopefully a life of adventure.

Adventure One: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


At 11:00 p.m. on my graduation day, I loaded the car with my suitcases and got in the car with my mom: we were headed to Myrtle Beach. A few hours into the trip we stopped to nap, but at 5:00 a.m. (with the help of a little coffee) we were back on track toward our destination. The rest of the road trip was somewhat a blur. After all, the trip that was meant to take 15 hours actually took 26. Of course stopping to nap, scavenging around an outlet mall, and eating dinner in my new hometown (teaser for future post) contributed to this additional time, but the drive still crawled by much slower than expected.

My mom and I began calling hotels when we were a few hours out, and with an arrival time of 2:00 a.m., we were lucky enough to receive a free first “night’s” stay at a resort. I had never appreciated a bed so much. Perhaps that was one of the first lessons I will learn after graduation–appreciate the things you take for granted; they should be valued more than they are.

I had one of my best sleeps that morning. My alarm sounded about five hours later, but the excitement to see my brother gave me the push I needed to jump out of bed. After all, he was the mission of this trip. He’s been playing on a baseball league down there this summer, and I wanted to be his number one fan–like always.


I understand you don’t need every detail of my first adventure. This isn’t a journal. However, I wanted to share a tiny pigment in detail. It set up my first week of summer break in a special way.

The next couple days, I spent with my mom and brother at our resort, on the beach, and walking along the boardwalk. I ate ice cream for dinner, jumped in the sand, carefully selected sea shells to take home, and felt the sun shine on my skin. It was one of my favorite weeks: I was able to enjoy every second with two people I love dearly. I didn’t need to worry about a certain plan or schedule or homework. I could actually relax, and my body and mind knew this.




I was at peace.

This first adventure taught me the value of the “little things” and the beauty of being at rest. Some stressful events occurred, yet I still remained calm. It was hard to worry about anything when staring out at the ocean amidst palm tree silhouettes.


Myrtle Beach was beautiful. It was charming. It was different. It was an adventure.