WordPress initially added the title of this post as “Hello world!” and although I could have changed it, the more I thought, the more I realized how no modification could accurately depict this post better.


I graduated from DePaul University with a BA in Psychology a week and a half ago. Hence, the name of this blog: “The Graduate Adventures.” As I walked across the stage at AllState Arena to receive my diploma, I realized how many changes would be happening in my life this year. With that thought came a question–why not change my blog as well?

I am starting to appreciate the newness, and I felt a new name and new mission would revamp my motivation to contribute to my blog.

And now is when I say, “Hello world!”

Hello to being in the “real world.”
Hello to saying “yes” when adventure calls.
Hello to looking at the world in a new way.
Hello to goodbyes and more hello’s.
Hello to change.
Hello to new experiences and challenges.
Hello to me–the person I have been striving to be for so long.

I would like to think that all of the changes I will soon experience will be great, but I am not that naive. I know that life has its mountains and valleys, and I know that I will need to stay strong in both situations. However, I also know that I have a new perspective–what I like to call a new craving for the new!–and I have a feeling that with this mindset, I will again be changed for the better.

Here’s to a new stage of life. Here’s to the graduate adventures.